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Relationship wellness is the core pillar of our mental and emotional well-being. Our love lives can be hard to navigate in today’s world—the right resources, guidance, and support can make all the difference.

Our mission is to help you thrive through happier and healthier relationships.

Should you send that text? Ask our community. Have a question you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends? We’ve got you. Think of Clarity as your virtual brunch table. Oh and by the way, we invited over 50 of the world’s best dating/relationship experts to the table, too. 


Clarity is a safe and discreet space to ask, share advice, and vent about whatever is going on in your love life. We built Clarity upon the idea that sharing is healing. Be anonymous or your real self, and confide in a judgment-free zone.

Sick of spending countless hours scouring the internet for credible info to improve your love life? Yeah, so were we.

So we curated an ever-growing library of 300+ bite-sized lessons from the world's leading experts on a multitude of areas including: dating in the “new normal,” the art of texting, love and money, conflict resolution, NLP, Gottman's Theory, astrology, reiki, tantra, and so much more.

Meet Our Experts

Meet our team of 50+ renowned experts who are here to support you in every facet of your love journey.

We’ve partnered with the world’s top psychologists, neuroscientists, love biologists, astrologists, sexologists, marriage and family counselors, cognitive and behavioral therapists, reiki specialists, tantra practitioners, dating coaches, finance experts, and more.

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Feeling like you’re the only one? You’re not! Confide and connect with people who have  been there and can relate in a judgment-free zone.

50+ Renowned Experts

Access the world’s top dating and relationship experts, who are here to support and guide you in every step of your love journey.

300+ Lessons

Take your love education a step further with our ever-growing library of curated courses and lessons created by our expert team.

Clarity — The App for Your Love Life

Step-by-Step Guide

Clarity's user-friendly interface is here to help you navigate every aspect of your love journey.


Share, Confide, and Connect

Join like-minded communities and connect with others to share stories and experiences anonymously or as your real self.

Our experts are active participants in our community. They are here for you to answer questions, give advice, and lead conversations around topics that matter most to you.


Learn and Explore

Enjoy access to an ever-growing library of 300+ life-changing resources and lessons created to help you succeed in every aspect of your love journey.


Expert Guidance and Support

We’ve carefully selected a team of over 50 renowned dating and relationship experts from all walks of life.


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Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I use Clarity for?

Clarity is an all-encompassing product designed to help you navigate your relationship and dating journey. There is carefully curated content from experts and an entire online forum that discusses topics that matter most. Use Clarity when you’re going through a break-up, looking to spice up your romance, going through a big milestone with your significant other and you want expert advice, or when you just need a place to vent.

Can I download Clarity for free?

YES! Clarity is free to download. Access to our community and forums is totally free. Everyone is welcome. We also offer an ever growing library of 300+ lessons (with new weekly additions) from 50+ experts. Access to the expert resources and library is available on a subscription basis. We offer a free 7-day trial, which is followed by an auto-billing monthly subscription fee of $4.99/mo or $49.99/year. Click here to enjoy our premium monthly subscription.

Where can I find out more about the experts?

The Clarity experts share all their details on our expert bio pages. Find their latest work and social handles to keep up to date.

How can I become a Clarity expert?

Please get in touch with our team at [email protected]

Can I connect with other members?

You can connect and share with other members in our community pages. You can also direct message members you want to connect with.

How do I know if this is a safe space?

We have used community systems in place that block any unsafe content, as well as filtered words to block harassment. We also have no-nonsense bullying terms of service agreement. Any users not abiding by these rules are blocked from our platform.

What’s your Privacy Policy? Do you sell my data?  

At Clarity, we have the utmost respect for our community members' privacy. We've created a safe space to share, without fear of judgment or being tracked or targeted for what you say or do. What you say on Clarity, does not leave Clarity. What you do on Clarity, does not leave Clarity. This is your safe space.

How do I know if there are experts responding to me or just normal people?

Clarity’s experts are highlighted with specific symbols that state their expertise.

Can photos or videos be shared in the community?

Our development team is in the process of expanding our features to include this. Stay tuned!

Can I start my own chat group with other members?

Not yet, but stay tuned this feature is something we’re working on.

How do I reset my password?

Navigate to the profile section; under the account tab, select account settings and change password. If you’re still experiencing problems, please email [email protected] 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel directly on our app under the “my profile” section, which leads you to the “subscription” tab to make changes to your membership. 

How do I update my billing details?

Navigate to the profile section; under the account tab, select account settings and click update/ edit my billing details. If you’re still experiencing problems, please email [email protected] 

Press Inquiries

Please get in touch with our team at [email protected]

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